Welcome to our Sunday Morning worship connection for Kids!

Our remaining Spring Lesson Packs (April 11-June 27) for students in JK-Grade 6 are available for reservation starting at 11:15 on Sunday April 11: Spring 2021 Sunday Lesson Packs These packs will go along with our onsite (when we reopen Kids Church) & online lessons and will ensure that children have their own supplies when onsite and that they have access to what we are learning if they are watching the service from home.

We look forward to worshipping and learning together onsite when we move into the red zone!

You may view our Online service below. So no matter how you choose to join us there is something for each student!

This week we are starting our new series on Isaac & Rebekah as we look at how God gives us wisdom.

April 11 2021

Note: If you are unable to see the video controls, right-click on the video and select the “Show controls” option.

Our kids services (for JK – grade 6) are streamed on Sunday Mornings from 9:30 a.m. Each week will include worship, and our main lesson with Superbook (JK – Grade 6) with extra Activities available in your Sunday Activity packs!

We would love to encourage you to have your children join you in watching the BBC Service online at 11 a.m. They can also use their own sermon notes page below!

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